New Year, New You

Every turn of the year offers an opportunity to bring your best self to life.  It’s a chance to set goals from the highest place, from the part of you that sees beyond what you make or have to the deeper reason for why you are here in the world right now.

Why you?  Why now?  Simon Sinek, in his book, Start With Why,writes,”It all starts with clarity. You have to know WHY you do WHAT you do. If people don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it, so it follows that if you don’t know WHY you do WHAT you do, how will anyone else?”  While Simon is writing about your business, your products or services, in this new year why not ask that of yourself?  Why am I here?  Why me, why now?

This is a time of unprecedented opportunity and people around the world are shifting their focus to align what they do to something that matters, something that fulfills their passion, their purpose.  I recently read that there are so many non profits in existence that it would take you 3 days to simply scroll through their names on the internet.  Our young people are playing a major part in this sea change to embrace all of life and consider some of the inequities or imbalances part of our responsibility.

Why you?  Why now?  You are here on the planet at this time for a reason.  It’s a new year, so as you begin to thing about how you want to step into 2013, try this:

Close your eyes, block out the outside stimuli and get quiet.  Ask yourself, “What is my purpose right now and why am I here?  Why me? Why now?  What can I do this year to bring all of who I am to life?”

Listen, then write down the first things that come to you.  Draw a simple icon to help you solidify it into memory.

In his recent best selling book, Proof of Heaven, Eben Alexander III, MD, neurosurgeon, writes of his powerful near death experience.  He shares that soul, or our innate nature, knows far faster than our brain does what our next choice should be.  Trust that part of you to guide you into this New Year, New You.

I will be leading a number of workshops this year (see below) to help you set your goals using  the power of the visual.  If your business, organization, church or child’s school wants to learn more about visual goal setting, email me here.  I look forward to stepping into this New Year together.

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