Our Earth’s Genius

The Earth is a living breathing organism. It’s an amazing place to live. It sustains us, it allows us to express all that we are and all we can create. When’s the last time you did something to sustain it?

Our Earth's Genius

The earth is old. More than half of the water on our planet is older than the solar system ;-) Gray Matter – Ray Jayawardhana

Old but not stale unless you let it be! That’s true for the water in you as well. Flush out your old ideas,

clean out your stuff – you know those things you do that keep you from being your best self. What you say becomes who you are. Say good things as often as you can.

Earth Love

Conscious appreciation. Dig a garden, plant organic seeds or seedlings, appreciate and amend the soil carefully. Refuse to pollute.

You can apply earth love to yourself. Treat your organism with care. Eat food that is good for you. Appreciate your vehicle, plant a seed inside of your imagination, then fertilize it with attention and focus and watch how quickly it grows.

Earth Listening

Assume that this big planet you walk upon, drive upon, sleep upon is a big ear for your expansion and unfoldment. Assume it hears you when you are talking. Don’t assume it’s a one way dialogue – you to it. Listen – you’ll be surprised when it gives you a nudge back.

Go outside, find a place in your yard or in a park, lean on a tree and just take a deep breath, ask a question and listen. Dorothy did in the Wizard of Oz and she got an answer and if you google or bing “talking to trees” you will see hundreds of stories from people who did.

Earth Home

Love it to pieces. In little and big ways. It deserves our care.


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