Pay Attention to What’s Happening Around You

There are things that happen during the day that make you think…hmmm.

Maybe you were driving past the hardware store and you think, “We really need a ladder at this new apartment.”  You ignore the nudge and drive home, thinking of dinner. Then, at 3AM your smoke alarm starts beeping. Uh oh, the ceilings are too tall to reach that smoke alarm without…guess what, that ladder.

Simple intuitive nudges happen every day. Most of the time we choose to ignore them, we are caught up in the moment of whatever traffic or conversation we are in.  But that nudge is part of the fabric of your best self. It is always operating in your best interest. The secret is no secret: pay attention.

Here are 5 tips to help you…

1. Set your alarm to go off every hour. When it does, ask yourself, “What am I supposed to be doing right now?” if what you hear inside isn’t aligned with what you are actually doing, change something.

2.  Practice listening. When you are going to work, ask yourself, “Which route should I take?” then follow inner instructions.

3.  Assign a symbol for knowing what’s the best thing for you. It might be a type of car, or a song. It might be a yellow sun. Train yourself to stop and think whenever you see this symbol – use it as an opportunity to take a step back and asses what you’re doing.

The world is an interactive place. Now is the time for you to turn up your listening so you can follow the nudge and align yourself with what the world holds in store for CreativeGeniusYou!


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