Play Acknowledgy With Me.

Subtle. Simple. Success.

Often we look for THESE BIG MONSTROUS OUTCOMES after we have set some goals for ourselves or with our employees.

Hey. Whoa. Holdup pardner.

What you miss when you are looking for that BIG WINNING LOTTERY number are all the simple, subtle, small success markers you and those around you are having.

Your partner stopped eating chips after dinner. Small stride forward. Only a 1 lb loss at the nightly weighing in on that scale. They are bummed! But actually they have made a very big win. They were looking at the lbs. but missed looking at the chip consumption goal. Tell them, “Nice work!”

You wrote “Great Health” as one of your goals. This week you caught a cold, you got to stay in bed for 3 days.  Funny thing, up to this point you had been traveling for 5 days straight and one of your other goals was work/life balance. Guess what? You got the chance to get sick to earn the balance part of that equation. Balance achieved! (Note to self: Next time try another route to achieve your balance goal.)

You wrote “Be more courteous to other people”.  You blew up at the driver who stole your parking space. Strike one against your goal. 3 Strikes out?  Not Hardly! Remember the 3 times you opened the door for others, the dinner you cooked for your kids, the five times you smiled at your partner when they were being crabby. These are all wins – don’t overlook them!

This list could go on and on. So why do we focus on the things we aren’t doing on our goal list?  That pesky amygdala!

The amygdala loves to beat you up when it has you alone!  It tries to prove you are lazy, incompetent, ugly and worthless. That’s how it keeps you locked in its safety deposit box.

Rebel against the Amygdala!  Focus on the good in yourself and in others. Because you know you are truly productive, loving, caring, exciting, intelligent and fun Creative Genius.

ACKNOWLEDGY is a new game I just made up and you can play it every moment of every day.

Acknowledge the good in everything:  in you, your family, your pets, your world, and in all people, everywhere. Train your brain to see good.

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