Play the Yes, And…Game

Have you ever been in a situation where your project has entered the land of deadly scope creep, with absolutely no end in sight? That was me earlier this month OMG. I thought I might implode with all the chatter in my head.

I whined. I complained. I got mad at my client! (What?! Who’s paying me?) Crazy!

Then I read this great quote that said,

Whatever comes along in your life, it’s good to remember that it’s always a gift from Spirit to strengthen you. There will be days when you seriously wonder if you can bear up to one more such gift, even one short hour more of purification. But you can. It does take lots of love and trust, though. – Wisdom of the Heart – Book 3, Harold Klemp.

Yep. That was me alright. I realized that I had been putting up huge resistance to everything that this client was asking. And the more resistance I put out, the more requests they seemed to make. “Enough, already!”, I thought, “Maybe I should just quit!” What?! Somebody needed an attitude adjustment. I sat down, took a few deep breaths…

Then I remembered this improv technique which helps you build a powerful scene during live improvisation. Whatever the person gives you in the scene to work with, you internally (or sometimes externally) say yes to it and go with it, allowing it to lead you into character and the next hilarious interaction.

So I tried it with the next email request I got. Instead of resisting the request to move this to that place in the drawing, I said yes, and…I went right into photoshop and voila! I changed the picture and it was so EASY! Then I wrote back, “Is this what you were thinking?”

“YES!” The resounding response came back. How easy was that?!!! Easypeasy.

Suddenly in came this flood of email requests from other clients wanting to know could I work on this awesome project and that supercool event? Holy cow. Is your resistance blocking great things from coming your way?

Try turning that frown upside down and see what happens for you!

Go on, play the Yes,…and game you Creative Genius YOU, then see what kinds of surprise endings your willingness creates.


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