Put Out Your Beacon

Do you ever find yourself thinking,

Geez, I put my goal out there and nothing is happening yet!

Yup, me too.

Then the worrier starts worming their way in and before you know it you are sliding down the slippery slope of “What’s wrong with me!  Why doesn’t anything ever go my way!” And you get all wrapped up in questioning the process. This week I have had amazing conversations with people and learned some things about #goalgetting.

Shake up the way you have always done things.

The mind is a routine oriented tool. When you have a problem or challenge you are working on, your mind is the first to step in and try to solve that problem. First stop on the solving tour is running through all your tried and test methods.

Well, if only life were that simple. ;-)

One of the secrets to making change is to shift your responses and try new things. Let go of the way you’ve always done things. That method was great for getting you here, but now you want to move on, so leave it behind.

Try something new.

Put out a beacon.

A what?

A beacon. For real! Think about your desired end goal and imagine yourself putting out a beacon to attract it to you.

The woman who shared this technique with me had, in her imagination, put out a beacon for falling in love. Guess what? Immediately after setting her beacon, people came out of the blue to talk to her, stopped at her her desk, told her their situation, and shared confidential information.

None of them were even close to what she was interested in.

She realized uh-oh, I have to fine-tune this beacon.

So on a piece of paper, she wrote a love letter to the person she wanted to meet, outlining what she liked about them, and the qualities they had. She wrote it as if they were already together and then, she imagined herself attaching it to the beacon.

A week later, a technician came to help her with a computer issue at work. The person who arrived was a surprise. It was someone she had seen many times before but had never spoken to. Over the course of working out the computer issue, they fell madly in love.

Your imagination is a powerful tool, so set yourself some beacons and see how it changes your perspective. You are a magnet for whatever your heart desires. Work with your beacon and see what creative genius magic you can make in the world!


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