Putting your passion into a non-profit

One of the amazing things of our era is the emergence of more and more not-for-profit organizations. The willingness to do good in the world creates a whole new way to express your passion and love, while helping to create change.

This week I was in NYC and I got to hang out with Lara Land from Land Yoga. I met her a couple of weeks ago when she interviewed me for a series she is launching in the summer. I was so struck by her honesty and devotion to making change in her community through her foundation Three and A Half Acres that I had to visit her studio in NYC. It is SO SUPER AWESOME.

She’s right at the edge of Harlem and her whole mission is to bring holistic yoga instruction and wellness services to the following branches of the Harlem community:

  1. LGBT youth of Harlem United—a nonprofit providing access to quality HIV/AIDS care for all, regardless of race, socioeconomic status, or sexual orientation.

  2. Members of the NYPD, who police the central Harlem community.

Yes, cops and kids. I love it! She was delightful, her studio was unique and beautiful and just being in her presence was so enlivening. If you live in NYC or are visiting, go and take an ashtanga class from Lara or one of her many teachers.

You can go here to find more about her nfp and see what she is up to. I encourage you to support her work!

Giving. That’s a big part of the circle of life. Thank you to all of you who are doing good in the world through your own or anothers’ foundation.


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