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Recently our weather in Portland has been unbelievable. The torrential rain, the wind, thunder and lightning has been truly spectacular. It reflects all of the change and turmoil we are facing around the globe. How can we cope with the random acts of violence and the aftermath? Like that rain it beats down and stirs up our anger and fear.

My neighbor James showed me how to be an awesome example of calm during chaos. James and his wife Tina and their 1 year old live next door. During the torrential rains, James came home to find that their basement was completely flooded. Uh oh. 4 inches of brown yucky water everywhere. As if that wasn’t enough, at 9PM that night their carbon monoxide alarms started going off. He didn’t want to bother the fire crew but Tina convinced him to call 911. A fire truck arrived and they determined the pilot light on the heater had gone out due to the flooding. They cleared the house of CO and off they went, the water still rising.

Over the next couple of days repair people, city crews and a slew of plumbers trouped in and out of the house, pumping out water, testing this and that, and trying to determine why the water wasn’t draining. Meanwhile it continued to pour. Every so often I would catch a glimpse of James outside calmly talking to the workmen or walking up and down his front stairs to check on their progress. I’d go out and talk to him and offer help. He was so patient I was amazed. Last I heard they thought the drainage pipe was broken and were going to have to dig a line to the street. Bummer.

I thought wow, how frustrating! But a perfect calm influence, James never appeared to be upset. Sure it was confusing and chaotic, but he remained calm.

It’s been chaotic in our world this fall. We’ve seen all kinds of violence in so many arenas and it’s frustrating and disheartening at times. But we live in a world that’s meant to help us grow and tests us to react in love, no matter what we’re facing. Will we keep our hearts open and reach out our hands to others? Will we continue to be calm while we work towards a solution?

This holiday let’s give love. Let’s give love to those things we fear, to those people we don’t understand, to ourselves when we are scared and to those around us who are in need. The world is changed one person at a time. One act of kindness at a time. Let that act be yours, and that person be Creative Genius YOU.

#HelpGrowth #Holidays #Love


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