Recharge Your Inner Light

I’ve been seriously challenged by technology this week. From lights, to the Internet, to my computer, and my phone, everything has had a “glitch.”

Frustrating as it was, it reminded me that anything that’s constantly ‘on’ is likely to glitch, including me. You can only go so far by constantly doing stuff in the world. Taking the time to top up your inner tank is part of the challenge of living in a world of distractions.

How do you make time in your busy day to consciously turn the lights out and let them recharge?

Here are some things I tried this week:

1. Make recharging a part of your everyday routine. Carpool karaoke king James Corden recently shared how he takes 6-7 minutes every afternoon to just put on an eye mask and chill. He blocks out all that stimulation and just takes a break. Set aside some time in your day to do just that.

One of my favorite routines for when I’m really amped up is to close my eyes and count 25 breaths. No matter what else I want to be doing, I know I can force myself to shut up for just 25 breaths, and then I promise myself I can get back to it.

2.  Download an online meditation app. There are so many great meditation apps out there, and you can choose from any number of guided meditations to do. Try some and experiment until you find something that works for you. 3.  Walking meditation. Have to walk your dog twice a day? Or maybe you walk to work or the bus stop? Make it a mindful walk. Focus on truly seeing what you pass. You’ll be surprised just how much variety there is on your daily route when you take the time to pay attention to everything.

4.  Spread your light. Bring brightness into the world you live in. Imagine yourself as a glowing spark of light and let yourself leave a trail of light everywhere you go.

The holidays often leave us running around like crazy. Give Creative Genius You the time you need to recharge your batteries so you can keep that light shining.


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