Reclaim Your Subconscious for Better Results

Ever wonder why you set goals and they don’t seem to happen?  I have, and recently I read Bruce Lipton’s book The Biology of Belief to find out what he thought about it.

My assumption was that I was holding some inner beliefs that were interfering with my ability to get the results I wanted.

In Bruce’s book, he educates the reader about biology and particularly new biology – that who we are and how we behave is influenced and programmed on a cellular level by our environment, which informs and forms our subconscious beliefs.  While the conscious mind might be great at helping you do things in the present, regret the past and worry about the future, it is limited as we know from previous blogs on the pre-frontal cortex.  It is really the subconscious which pretty much drives the train and dictates through what it has been programmed to believe is possible for you in your life.  Sometimes it drives the train from an old, outdated program and subsequently you can’t seem to manifest exactly what you want.

I work with teams and individuals almost everyday using visuals to help them clarify, goal set and take action to achieve the things they want.  Some people create their goals and readily achieve them.  Other people get stuck and I wanted a tip or tool to help them get unstuck.

This book was a great scientific read.  I am a fairly right brained person, so at times it felt heavy on the biology and light on the belief.  In hindsight, I am certain I wanted validation for my aforementioned assumption about beliefs in general.  I also wanted ideas about how to help people shift their subconscious so it would begin to drive the train in the direction they wanted it to go – to get results in the areas of their life they wanted to change.  When I got to the end of the book I was disheartened to discover that Bruce wasn’t going to go into detail about how to rewrite the subconscious programming.  BUT, he did mention a process that he discovered married perfectly with his theory that could help you shift your subconscious – Psyche K created by Robert Williams.  The two of them have been working together now for a number of years.  Whew!

Not one to dawdle, I found a Psyche K workshop taking place this past weekend and signed up to learn this simple and effective technique.  The instructor, Romalee Davis, had an interesting past, was helpful, informative, thorough, enjoyable to learn from and is located right in Ballard. Psyche K utilizes some aspects of Braingym which Rob has integrated into a clear and easy process. I can see immediate results in my behavior- I was able to shift some of the things that had been interfering with my writing, my appreciation for other people’s way of driving, and a few other subtle and not so subtle behaviors of mine that were interfering with our happy little home!

For those of you who have been beating your head against a wall to change some of those old patterns and behaviors that have dogged you since childhood, there’s hope.  I highly recommend Bruce Lipton’s book for the science behind beliefs and attending a Psyche K workshop to help you shift old responses to new circumstances.  I look forward to trying some of these techniques with you to see what kinds of results a team or individual can have when they truly align their beliefs towards the achievement of their goals.  I’ll keep you updated about what else I discover as I explore this new process.

Happy summer, get out and enjoy it!

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