Relaxed Refocusing

We are almost at the end of the second month of 2016! Yay. Weird ;-) geez time flies.

How’s it going so far?  Did you set some goals? Are you are working on them? When you’ve drawn a picture or daydreamed your future state, it is super important to check in on where you are. Where do you stand  on those steps towards a super sexy healthy you, awesome new career, fantastic relationship, peaceful mind…?

So pull out that January list of things you want more of, because repeat attention paid to your goals is what creates the fuel and drive to get you there. It’s not about guilt, guilt is a little like complaining, it really doesn’t get us anywhere.  So what does?

Relaxed refocusing. Stop what you are doing RIGHT NOW and just for one minute close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Let it out. Take another. Reset your chemistry by thinking about something that you are grateful for. Maybe it’s that pet you have, or the fact that you have a job.  Maybe it’s your friendships with others. Let your heart expand and reach out to thank them. Now open your eyes.

On a piece of paper or in a journal list one thing that you small action you’ve taken since the beginning of the year. And write the words thank you.

Then relax and ask yourself, what’s one thing that I can do right now towards those things I want?  If you are at work and you can’t do it this very minute, put it into your schedule for this evening. If you can do something, do your best self a favor. Get up and go do it, do just one small thing towards one of your goals. Right now.

Goal achievement is a mix of daydreaming, night dreaming, and pushing yourself towards that new reality you desire. It takes action. Small steady steps win the race.

You deserve the life you desire.

Take time to check in with #GoalAchievingYOU and move that dial towards turning those dreams into reality.

#dreamstoreality #goalsetting


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