Release Control, and Be Surprised

Which camp do you fall into, urban warrior or outdoor enthusiast?

Urban warrior: if you are dropped into any city you can inevitably navigate the transit system, find the best coffee, grocer, tacos, bike shop, etc. But when it comes to exploring the outdoors, perhaps not so skilled?

Outdoor enthusiast: You are prepared with the ten essentials and you know how to read a GPS, map and compass. You keep your hiking gear handy. Cities make you nervous.

Or maybe you’re a lucky ducky, and are a mix of both?

My family lived all of two city blocks from the San Gabriel mountains and on a weekend, we never, I repeat, never went hiking in them.  Count me in the urban warrior camp.  But my partner Julie is definitely an outdoors enthusiast. So this week we are driving across country and after a long day of driving she wanted to go see the falls nearby.

Hungry, tired, I grumbled but acquiesced. Piling the dogs back into the car which we had just spent 8 hours in, we drove 3 miles with me pouting…and turned the corner to view nothing short of falls from paradise.

The Shoshone Falls are on the Snake River in Twin Falls, Idaho. The falls cascade down in this delightful, stair step sequence of watery wondrousity.  Even the dogs found the viewpoints spectacular. Not far from here Evel Knievel flew over the Snake River canyon. (Awesome!)

This experience reminds me how important it is to step out (or be dragged out) of your comfort zone. So this week drop your control freak nature and seek the surprise that’s waiting there just for you.


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