Remember the Good Old Days of Laptops Down?

OMG, doesn't it seem like in every meeting your team is glancing at their phone every two seconds? Sometimes your biggest competition is Instagram! I know how it feels to be the least likely to be noticed when running a meeting.

In my twenty plus years of consulting I have seen it all, from spit wads to complete commitment, from "I'm not reading my email, I'm taking notes on my computer" to "I just need someone to help me with this gawd-awful team."

Let's face it, you have to be more than a great facilitator today to wrangle the unruly for real meeting outcomes.

You deserve everyone's full attention! That why you need to learn how to lead the Draw Your Future process, so you can wrangle their eyes back to the task at hand! Here's why to sign up:

Draw Your Future Certification Class

What you’ll gain in these priceless five weeks:

  • Insight to understand why drawing your future is so lasting and effective

  • Simple drawing tips and a proven process you will use time and again

  • See how visualizing your client’s goals will boost their achievement in a new way

  • Feel firsthand the dopamine rush and learning to harness it for ongoing motivation

  • Build a bold plan of action to help your clients stay focused and clear about priorities

  • Gain unbelievable confidence and belief that you CAN do this!

You have worked hard to become the best leader you can be, let this tool help you achieve your dreams to provide the best process for the best results everytime!


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