Remember to Wonder

In his book, Visual Thinking Strategies, Philip Yenawine writes about the value of wondering. “A child looks around her, and when she notices something she can’t fathom, she asks about it. Our explanations don’t suffice because, I believe, what she really wants from us is to know if it’s okay to be puzzled and curious. She wants permission to wonder.”

Remember to Wonder

When’s the last time you let yourself really wonder? It’s easy to “faux wonder” with just that little bit of judgment attached…”Why is that driver such a #$^*+?”

Yet the greatest wondering is less about who’s bugging us, but more about what’s behind the initial question on the surface. It requires we take a breath and rest, then in that pause, ask a more thoughtful question…”I wonder what happened in that person’s day that is making them so distracted?” or “Okay, my lunch date got postponed, what is something really awesome that I can do with my precious lunch hour instead?” (that doesn’t involve a technological attachment?)

Wonder is an awe-filled word. As a verb, it is about open ended curiosity and as a noun, an experience of awe. When’s the last time you let your mind wonder and then began to wander into awe?

You are but a unique tiny participle affecting the multidinosity of life. (yep, made that word up) Enjoy this moment – believe it or not you really are still a child filled with wonder, wandering in this awesomely beautiful and mysterious wilderness.

Let’s go wonder.

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