Remember Your Night Guard

The simplest things that make a big difference to our wellbeing are the ones we tend to forget when that schedule or the stress dial gets turned up. We lose track of our goodness routine and figure “oh well, tomorrow I can…” and then we drop the ball with some of our hard won habits.

You know the ones – eat greens, walk the pups longer, spend time at the gym. Even our best attempt at maintaining our positive thinking (and sweet dialogue with others) falls by the wayside when we are worn down to the bone.

That’s the exact moment to bring out your own personalized, perfectly fitting, night guard super power! You’re thinking whaaaaat? Huh? Here’s what I’m talking about. Those of you who gnash and grind your choppers at night know all too well the miracle and ridiculosity of the rubberized sleep wear your uppers or lowers don at night. But more than just super sexy and hard plastic, the night guard is protection from the insanity of the worrying behavior of the jawbone.

Remember Your Night Guard

It’s also, in a metaphoric sense, something that puts up a hand to stop your worrywart self with a, “HEY! It’s time to SLOOOOOOOOOW down! Cut it out! We’ve got enamel over here!”

Since the night guard is so great for your tooth team, why not put a night guard on the rest of your life. Let it guard against a frenetic schedule, back down the pace, intervene to turn off that inner critic, declutch your hand from that cell phone, and gently push you into a seated position to take a breath. (And then another.)

Why not deploy your inner night guard to prevent you from chirping out that snippy comment, or catch you from sliding down the slippery slopes of not good enough and it’s never going to happen thinking.

When you call on that inner night guard, try imagining you are getting some additional protection from whatever ails you. Imagine a big beam of white light, and see that night guard swinging its arms high and wide in circles spreading light all around you. Then imagine the night guard gently zipping you up inside and reaching in to turn on your inner night light – the one that’s filled with self-love.

It’s a wild world we live in, filled with all kinds of wanted and unwanted experiences. When you sense things are getting stupid crazy, pull out that night guard and let it help you drop down into that safe and calm space, that’s always there waiting just for you.


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