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This spring we broke down and remodeled the kitchen. Wow. It’s almost summer and still going on.  They tore out the walls, redid the plumbing, electrical, hvac…you get the picture.  Both of us vacillated between excitement and pure exasperation.   The walls were replaced with two big beams.  In desperation one day, I wrote on them in a fat felt tip sharpie:  LOVE.  TRUST.  ABUNDANCE.  GRATITUDE.

I wanted to make sure that whatever I put on those walls would stay imprinted in the house as a reflection of the values that matter to us.

One day they discovered that the floor didn’t match between rooms.  They said for $1400 they could match the floor.  It would be cost more for the demolition. I volunteered to take it out to save some cash.  The contractor gave me this big huge and very heavy crowbar and said, “I brought you a tool to help.”  “Uh, thanks,”  I muttered.

I could barely pick it up but once I got the hang of it, 45 minutes later it was done – floor gone – check!  Who knew the remodel would take us down to our sub-floor?

While it’s going on, you can imagine, I have my own “remodel” happening.  Change is good and I love it and abhor it at times.  But once again I am using this time to up my creative genius.  I imagine myself getting a “self-lift” – focusing on building a more physically fit body through workouts and diet.   Balancing my mental self so I’m slightly more resilient and solid in my contemplation/meditation practice to stay tuned in.  Even my work life has a new roadmap as we finish up the edits of the book and projects wind down and new ones start up.

And interestingly enough, the garden is flourishing.  Well why not?  We can’t really stay inside since our main floor is inaccessible, so weeding is a delightful distraction.

If you are looking to remodel any part of you, here’s a few great books I found tips in that might help you getting your own self lift:

  1. Enchantment by Guy Kawasaki Younger Next Year by Chris Crowley & Henry S. Lodge, MD Mojo:  How to Get It, How to Keep It, How to Get It Back If You Lose It by Marshall Goldsmith

I am also happy to create a personal map for you so you have a clear vision and plan.

Happy Summer Here It Comes! Best to you, Patti

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