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Someone forwarded me this awesome article about a couple who saved almost 50% of their income until they hit $1million and then promptly retired and traveled down to South America at 31.

Okay I’m a little past that age but… I love this idea. So much so that I started to find ways to save right away. They suggested this Mr. Money Mustache blog to read that gave them healthy tips. My favorite one on frugality is here. There were so many simple, simple, simple ways to save that I have to share some here:

1. Shop less. (I can hear you laughing) I mean it. Pretend you are in a museum and walk out with zero purchases. Then take the money you almost spent and put it in an envelope, then put that into savings. When you really do need something new, think about the quality of what you’re buying. Is it really a good deal to buy a $10 shirt that will have holes in it before the year is out? It might be worth dipping into some of those savings, buying a nicer shirt, and getting years of wear out of it.

2. Buy food/home supplies in bulk. This one assumes you have the cash for your bulk purchase up-front. If you don’t, try some other savings tips, and then come back to this one ;)

3. Remember to turn the heating/air conditioning down whenever you leave the house. Feeling chilly? Do you really need to turn the heating up, or will a warmer sweater do the job? Feeling warm? Go check out that breeze out back. Maybe an open window is all you need.

4.  Walk/ride your bike instead of driving your car.  Doh! When my social media maven, Emer, first moved here from Ireland she couldn’t get over how often people drive, or how a 20 minute walk is considered ‘Long.’ Get those bodies moving, and save some cash while you’re at it!

5.  Take that fancy latte money and put it in a retirement account. A plain cup of coffee will still get you nicely jacked up on caffeine for less than half the price ;)

6. Get rid of your stuff and downsize. We’re very similar to liquids in that we tend to expand to fit our containers. If we have a big house, we fill it. If you’re filling your house with children and family members, chances are you can’t get rid of them(Although there are probably days when you wish you could!). Most of us fill our house with stuff and things. How many of you have a spare room that only gets used 1-2 times a year? Or a home office that you avoid like the plague? Or a couch that only gets sat on during holidays? What about that cupboard. Youknow the one. The one you’ve dubbed the cupboard from hell, whose contents threaten to attack every time you open the door. Maybe it’s time to assess all these things, and figure out what you could really live without.

There’s another super-duper awesome upside to living thrifty: creating less waste! Every latte you skip means one less cup, sleeve, and plastic lid. Buying in bulk means less packaging. Shopping less means less stuff (Duh).

From all of us at Up Your Creative Genius. Less plastic, less oil, less things, more fun, more love.


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