Share Some Holiday Cheer This Season!

The holidays often are a stressful time for many people. It gives each one of us the opportunity to show love, even in small ways. Simple gestures of kindness can sometimes be the key that unlocks a heart and helps someone let love in. You might just hold the door open for a stranger or ask them how their day is going. It might be cooking for a friend or calling someone who is single during the holidays to share a meal. Find a way to share some holiday cheer with someone or the pets or animals you encounter. Those simple gestures of love often have a long-lasting effect.

I was thinking about my Mom today, as I often do at the holidays. Earlier this year, I ran into someone I hadn’t seen for a long time and she asked about my mother, Lois, who passed in 2004. She reminded me about how wonderful Lois was, how incredibly generous. She said, “Do you remember that time I showed up out of the blue at your house on Xmas eve and your Mom dug around in her closets and found a gift and wrapped it up for me, so I would have something to open on Xmas morning.” She remembered my Mother’s gift to this day.

To all of you who have become a part (or been a part) of the Creative Genius Tribe, thank you for all your generosity this year. Many of you gave of your time, your attention, your ideas, your generosity, and your kindness. I am grateful for you are, who you are becoming and for your bravery to step into your true self more fully every day. Thank you for sharing your insights with me in your emails, or in my classes, workshops or talks. Your commitment to your personal and professional growth is powerful, and it inspires me every single day.

Here’s to a fantastic holiday season for you and yours. Let's celebrate Creative Genius YOU!!!

Big love,


P.S. I can’t wait to do the 5 Day Challenge with you next year! Stay tuned for more info!!!


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