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Hello Creative Geniuses,

Without a doubt this is the weirdest time, isn’t it? It’s shifted the world and placed us into a state of isolation, hoarding, fear and intense cleaning regimens. This past Sunday I watched Brene Brown on 60 minutes and I was reminded of the power of “we” versus “I”.

We are in this together, and together we will get through it. I am totally committed to the “we” because I can’t imagine doing this without you. Your stories, emails, and all of the sharing from those of you in the 5DC to Blast Through Your Fear were powerful. We know that fear is always present, but you can be courageous in times of fear, you can be brave, and you can certainly rediscover who you are and what your offering is to the world during this time.

A year and a half ago, I was ready to shutter my business – I just felt like I needed to shift but I wasn’t sure how. At a friends’ suggestion, I went to a workshop and pivoted my business to be 50% online. It was not easy to do, I had to learn all these new platforms and recreate what I was doing. And here was my biggest learning…if I simply got up everyday and brought myself to the table, worked on my content, messaging, logistics, I could do this. Within 3 weeks I launched my first online course (and you can too!)

Here is where I started…I looked at my niche – what was it about what I did that was different from the 5 million other people who were online?

And then I thought about how to shift what I was doing now to an online platform. If you are one of 400 million entrepreneurs, you know that to keep your doors open, your practice running, your clients calling, you too, need to shift.

So start here…draw this template or download it right now. In the center write what your offering is, what your business is – maybe you lost your job and now you see this as an opportunity to become a speaker, write that in the center. Or maybe you have a product or service that you used to offer in person.

Write that in the center.

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Now let’s put your creative genius to work…imagine and brainstorm all of the ways you could do that online – don’t censor yourself with your critical voice, just brainstorm – maybe you could become an TEDx online speaker, or for your therapist or PT’s, F2F online therapy, or if you are quilting – launch your online quilting tutorials. The things that you do as part of your everyday experience are now things to offer to the world.

Try to find things that you know that your clients or audience will need. And when you get that list of things, build it out a little more, see what problem it is solving. Then call a few clients you trust to give you feedback on it or send out a simple survey to your clients or potential clients.

You might think your idea is the most awesomest of all, but if it doesn’t meet a need, you’ll have plenty of online presence but no one will see you.

Start here and there is no better time to start than today. When the world ramps up again, it will not be business as usual, and you want to be ready. You will be ready if you tap into that Creative Genius You.

Be well, stay safe, wash your hands and I love you!



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