Slow Down the Holidays

Slow food is a big thing right now. Even slow coffee is a hit in the Midwest.

Why not a slow holiday?

As the season of endless shopping and mindless spending swirls around us and attempts to snatch us up in its petty claus, why not just say no and slow down the whirrrrring of the shop spenditis?

Take a deep breath, then ask yourself, “What are these holidays really about?”

Bring presence into your holidays by pushing that big pause button to reveal… L.O.V.E.

Yes, giving and receiving love. In my family my mother went completely overboard at the holidays and I’ve been guilty of walking in those mall shoes all on my own.  But when the holiday was over and my credit card was maxed out, I can assure you I no longer felt love, what I felt was more like panic.

Let the gift this year be you.  Maybe make some cookies, or paint a holiday picture for a friend.  What about drawing a cartoon or giving a little potted plant that costs under $5. Spend less and if you want to really give something, consider putting your money into organizations that do good in the world.  Here are some awesome organizations:

TheJoyTeam.Org Buy a billboard for a month (or longer) with an uplifting saying  in BRIGHT YELLOW with your logo on it.

World Pulse – this is a social media vehicle to help women connect with other women around the world (like Facebook). Check it out = awesome.

Wounded Warrior Project – you may not believe in war, but somebody’s son, daughter, wife or husband has been protecting our country in some terrible circumstances and they deserve our love and support now that they are back homeland.

Albertina Kerr – this amazing organization provides services for adults and children with developmental disabilities or mental health challenges. Your support keeps their family together and helps provide a safe place for them to learn and grown.

My Voice Music – This awesome joint teaches disadvantaged youth ages 5-17 to write, record, and release original songs, changing lives in the process.

The “Happy” part of Happy Holidays happens more often when you slow down and choose to jump over to the true giving side; giving of your talents, smile, love, and yes, sometimes giving your money. 

Slow down and celebrate Creativeg Genius GIVING this season and thank you all you are and all you do!


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