Spook Yourself into Change

This week I met hundreds of you ready to accelerate making change in your life. Some of you lamented that you had been in the same organization for many years, or repeating similar patterns and wanted to shift to doing something new, but…

It’s Halloween! Play the Dark Shadows game with me!

Today, close your eyes and pretend you are walking down that hallway in the daytime soap, Dark Shadows.  In the hallway are a series of closed doors.  Each door has a sign labeled with one of those things you have always wanted to do, or said you were going to do, but…for some reason didn’t. Behind each door is that adventure – YOU in that new life or change you want to make. Spook yourself!  Leaving all fear in the hallway, imagine yourself opening one of those doors and walking into that dream room with your imagination.

What’s it like in there?  What are you like in there?  What’s super cool things are happening?  Dream this dream as fully as you can. Then make some notes on a piece of paper, draw a picture of what you remember – all the good stuff and feelings and creativity and fun in there!

Then go try one of those things you saw yourself doing in the outside world! Change will only occur when you scare yourself  out of a rut.

It’s Halloween. Time to get scary on yourself.

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