Step Up to Your Own Creative Genius Bar

This is your time.

You are in this life, in this world right now for you to step into your best self, and access your creative genius. You might be thinking, What Creative Genius?!

Yep. Think of yourself as a conduit for great ideas, whether it’s how to navigate the snow without chains or build a stellar business plan. You have access to limitless possibilities.

How do you access them? Well one way is to put out a blank piece of paper and on the top ask a question…

“If I could do anything, what would it be?” That’s a typical question that we ask our children before they start thinking about colleges or fields of study. You might ask yourself that when you want to switch your job.

I have been hacking myself with a different question, something a little less traditional.

“If you, creative genius, could have me serving at my highest level, what would you want me to do this year?”

Because I already love what I do, I use that question to leap over what I am already doing aka the known, into a greater pool of “what’s next.”

Like this year, a school in South Carolina asked me to help them with their Savvy Arts Venture Challenge – this is an awesome experience for artists, art educators, administrators, etc. I can’t wait. These creators are weird and wonderful. These educators are breaking the rules about how to teach artists about running a business. I’ll be their team doctor, among other things. You can join me there ;-)

That’s one thing my creative genius wants me to do this year. What is your creative genius cooking up for you?

Get that piece of paper out and ask. Now is the time. Step up and to break through the known, and let CreativeGeniusYOU guide you.

the time is now


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