Stepping Into The Void

Life gives us this miraculous series of opportunities for break-through moments. But you have to take the risk when it appears, and as Nike would say, Just Do It.

This week two of my long time collaborators are in town for our show Viva the Dreama. Over the years we’ve built both friendships and working relationships that have helped us, individually and collectively, stand at the edge of a cliff and step out into the void, knowing that a net of one kind or another will appear. I am grateful for what they have each taught me, and shown me about myself.

Viva The Dreama

There’s a point in meditation when you surrender and join with the universal flow of expanded consciousness. People sometimes call this an ecstatic state, and it’s hard to describe; you burst into a thousand pieces and merge with the vibrating light and sound – energy that makes up all of life. To let go and merge with the cosmic energy field scares the holy hell out of most of us. We’d rather just sit down for a nice quiet eyes closed moment followed by a cup of tea.

Not everyone wants a dramatic experience, and that’s what freedom really means. You get to choose your path of growth. And when you choose the risky path, it’s scary. Like in relationships, when you fully love, you tap into that fear of loss-of-self. But when you let go and surrender into the love and gratitude that is present in every moment, your true self steps out; the one that is vulnerable, and open and fully alive.

Hello 2017. Hello you. Start your year by finding a way to step out into the unknown this week and see what Creative Genius YOU reveals.


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