Tame The Beast

Every so often that amygdala gets the upper hand with me and it starts that internal chatter, “You can’t really draw!  What a mess that image is!!” or “OH that was a great talk – NOT!” and on and on the critic whips me with my flaws and faults.

Happily, I’ve found 1 super trippy new trick to tame that amygdala beast. Talk back.  “Yah, well you’re not so great yourself, dudball critic.  You know, those that can’t do, CRITICIZE, so sit yo big butt down and stick your nose in this circle on my white drawing paper Mr. DOLT.

Tame The Beast

The other thing you might try is ask yourself, “What’s the Big Deal?” Is your ego running the show or what? Generally it is.

So part 2 of coping with this self-criticism? Reject the negativity, but accept the constructive criticism. In my case I quelled my self-doubt, but stayed at my appointment a little later, cleaning up some of those confusing images. This resulted in a super happy team the next day, and a thoroughly satisfied me. Win win. The extra muscle worked out my demons, and pushed my professional limits.

The pesky amygdala has an important role to play in our world. It likes to keep us safe from harm and makes sure we don’t do anything too risky. It also likes to get you all worked up about a Something, which often turns out to be a Big Nothing.

Don’t let your amygdala get to you. If you never got feedback from it (Or from others!), you’d never improve. Take that advice, but don’t let it take you off the deep end.

Next time your amygdala gives you the what for, listen, thank that beast, then…

Tame the Beast - Let It Go

(Singing the lyrics to Frozen is entirely optional here)

Until next time…Up YOUR Creative Genius.

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