Thanking the Ones Who Raised You This Week

This weekend is Mother’s Day weekend. We generally celebrate our mothers and mother figures who helped shaped us. In the spirit of inclusivity, let’s celebrate any of those amazing people who helped raise us this Sunday!

It’s the perfect time to reflect on, dust off and celebrate all that you learned from them – the good and even the not so pleasant. Whether that person is still alive or not, the one who raised each of us gave us some tips for living.

My mother is gone but her creative genius lives on in my belief in my own capabilities. We didn’t grow up with a lot of spare cash, so she sewed our curtains, re-upholstered the old chairs, grew and arranged her own flowers and refurbished all the furniture in our house. She liked to change things up so she would make us push the furniture around every month! I loved that, and I still do it in our own home.  Thanks to my Mom, I can grow an amazing garden or paint a house. When things need doing, like changing my business strategy, I roll up my own sleeves and get going. I bet you inherited some traits that you are grateful for from whomever raised you.

Look around yourself. Can you believe it. This is an exciting time to be alive, wouldn’t you say? ;-) Someone helped you gain the skills that got you where you are today. Even if they didn’t do it in the way you may have wanted them to, you caught the drift, hoisted a sheet and set sail into that unknown universe of you.

If you are a mother or raising a child right now, thank you for everything you’re doing to help your little one learn and grow. While I do remember getting help when I needed it, no one in my world would actually do it for me.  There is so much power in learning how to do something and I admit, while I may have hated struggling with whatever I needed to figure out, I am grateful for everything it taught me.

If you aren’t around the person who raised you this weekend to thank them in person, be sure to reach out and thank them with a phone call, email, or even in your thoughts. Then go out and do something to honor their legacy. While you are at it, pass on a little love and energy towards someone else.  We all need a little TLC and mothering every once in a while.

Here’s my big virtual mothering hug for each of you Creative Geniuses, I love you and I am so grateful for all your emails, texts and support over the years. And most of all here’s a big hug for bringing who you truly are into this world.



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