The #1 Simplest Way to Get Your Life Back On Track

Have you ever met someone and had an instant connection and knew that the two of you were going to be fast friends?!  It’s like both of you were cut from the same cloth, were part of the same tribe in some past life that neither of you can recall, but you know, you KNOW that this is going to be a great friendship!

Recently I was at a housewarming party eating some delicious food, meeting new people, and I met an amazing person, her family and it was just like this.  So much so that I invited the whole family to join me for a free spiritual art class I was taking the following Saturday.  I just knew that would be even more fun if they showed up too!

During the week, I heard that something had happened at her school and I thought, well, they probably won’t be able to come now, and I was disappointed and sad for them. I had no way to reach them, so I just sent them love and texted my friend who’d had the housewarming to see if there was anything I could do to help.  She was helping out already but added that she thought they were still coming to the class on Saturday. Wow! That was amazing!

Saturday I arrived early and guess what, there they were throwing a frisbee around on the temple lawn. I just ran up and gave them all a big hug.  Then our mutual friend arrived and we all went inside and made some cool drawings and art together.

When something tough happens, what’s the #1 simplest way to get your life back on track?

Keep doing what you are doing. To heal and grow and learn from any experience you need to talk about what’s hard in it and to ask for help.  Then go and do something fun and different.  Doing something different, like getting dirty with paint and pastels, shifts your focus away from the hardness and lets the healing begin. In our spiritual art class, we started with a little meditation and that seemed to help too.

You might be struggling in your world right now with your health (or someone else's health) or finances. Maybe your job isn’t turning out the way you thought it was going to, or you are wishing you understood your purpose and felt more connected to others or the bigger meaning in life. Or maybe you are wondering what happened to those goals you set at the start of the year and got sidetracked from completing.

I’m creating a new round of online classes and I’d love to hear what’s getting in your way of achieving your goals and see what information, tips, insight I can share to help you shift from goal setting to goal getting.

If you want to join or are already part of our Creative Genius Tribe, click here and take this 7-question Are You A Goal Getter survey and I’ll give you a free download of my 9 Tips to Up Your Creative Genius book. Your input will help me focus that class for people just like you!

No matter what’s happening in your worldwide, this is the time to step into the fullness of Creative Genius YOU!


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