The Answer is Blowing in the Wind

This week a tornado hit! A literal one. It wasn’t dire, but a couple of trees came down and landed on ours and our neighbour’s houses. The tornado left a path of destruction in our coastal town of Manzanita, and affected a lot of homes and businesses.

The amazing thing was how fast everybody mobilized to help the town get its electricity back, its businesses running again and its resident’s lives back to “normal.”

And most importantly, nobody was hurt. Lives were disrupted, but not a single person injured. Phew!

What’s become clear to me from this adventure, is how much graciousness there is in the world.  The volunteers that showed up were amazing. From the neighbours, to the crews, to the businesses who offered food, chainsaws, physical help, advice, and a listening ear. Even the media was unobtrusive, kind and understanding. Despite the pouring rain and gale force winds, there was a simple through-line – Love.

Maybe you’re struggling with a tornado of your own. Maybe your job isn’t all that great or your health has taken a turn. Or maybe you are in an upswing and surrounded by a tornado filled with happiness and life. Whether you are up or down, each place offers you a unique opportunity.  When you’re down, ask for help and see just how much love there is out there. When you’re up, be the person giving out all that love!

It’s in our nature to give and to get love. Do some of both this week. Do some of both always.

Wind is a powerful symbol and a serious force of nature. It changes the atmosphere and brings new experiences.

Thanks to all who helped in Manzanita this week. Your love and support is #creativegenius at its best and we are grateful for all you of you!


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