The Art of the Stay-cation

Stay-cations are underrated.  When we think about having time off, we think oh, Hawaii, Belize, Mexico, Italy… but out of town vacations can be costly, putting you way over on your spending goals. So this summer, what about exploring what is right here in your own town?

The trick to a stay-cation is that it needs to be relaxing. You can’t be having a stay-cation while obsessively vacuuming the dog hair from the rug, or cleaning your windows, or patching that dry wall that’s been looking shabby for months. There’s a time for housework, and there’s a time for rest. Stay-cations are the latter, so lock your tools away!

One couple I met did a “no-device” stay-cation and spent their time out in nature, inviting over friends they hadn’t seen in a while and exploring dog parks in the surrounding areas.

Another family set up a tent and “camped out” in their own back yard. They were only allowed in to use the bathroom but everything else was cooked on their grill or using their camp stove. They used this as practice for their small children to get the hang of camping before they actually did it.

If you want to splurge, book a local hotel and treat yourself to something luxurious. Then walk the streets that you normally curse trying to find parking, and eat in those hideyholes you’ve heard about but never visited.

Vacations are usually a time to get some relaxation, a chance to shift your viewpoint from work or school to play and exploration. When we were in school, this was a time to sleep late, seek out a swimming hole and play with your friends. This summer, why not revitalize CreativeGeniusYOU by expanding what you normally do for vacation and step into an experience that won’t put extra pressure on your budget.


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