The August Divestathon

Do you really need it? You’re wondering, looking at the piles of books and knickknacks and dishes and cooking utensils. Do I need that? Those left over costumes, old girlfriend photos, endless pillows, towels…what about those letters you wrote your parents in college. Still saving that stuff? Really? For that day when you’ll be famous? When your granddaughter will look at it, laugh and use it to start the summer fire?

Summer is a great time to divest. You can pick up a copy of The Magic Art of Tidying Up or you can just look in your closets and start pulling out and giving away to those in need the shirts, shoes, everything that you haven’t worn in a over a year.

Let’s designate August the month of divesting!  While you are at it, call your friends and invite them over to pick through furniture of yours that you aren’t sitting on and offer you a fair price.

We hold and cherish so much in this life. We want to leave a legacy, but is the clutter a way to prove to ourselves that we were of value, that we did something, that we loved someone(s)? Wouldn’t we be better remembered with a few photos or acts of kindness in our communities?

It’s enough already. Come see me in August and I promise to bestow upon you an armload of art supplies. I’m committed to this divestathon.  I’m looking to replace my stuff with love. Love for you, love for the world, love for animals and beauty and creativegenius acts of kindness.  Let it go this summer, you can do it!


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