The Creative Genius Bridge

I was drawing solutions at an events planning meeting and they were talking about one of the coolest ideas to build their brand’s culture. It was a creativity event that was taking place all over the world and  included amazing artists, awesome technology and never mentioned the sponsor’s name. You had to go searching for it, which people did! They were shocked by the event’s sponsor!  Wow! This team’s idea was so compelling that it made me want to switch my brand loyalty.

Incremental change is just that…incremental. To get to the awesome you…you gotta go BIG.

  1. Ask questions – What’s the boldest thing I (or we) could do?

  2. Stop the internal chatter and listen to what your intuition (or customer) is telling you.

  3. Use your innate creative genius, your imagination, to pull down, build, balloon, highlight, explore your idea.

  4. Draw it as you get it.  Literally, sketch it on a scrap of paper. People who draw their ideas increase their idea generation by 65%!

  5. When you hit on and sketch out that idea you love, then rest for a second. Close your eyes and ask the big you, the universal you, the creative genius you, for “This or something better.”

The brain is a limited resource. But you, the eternal you, is limitless. Creative genius is about accessing the ideas that already exist and pulling them out of your imagination and into this reality, right here, right now.

In an ICF Oregon Chapter meeting, I was showing the coaches the Draw Your Future process, and a woman drew a picture of herself taking a vacation with her boyfriend, in a very specific country, on the future side of her map. Moments later she got a text from her boyfriend suggesting they put a vacation into the calendar to travel to that very place. I hear stories like this everyday. Go draw your future, then send me your story, I know you’ll have one too.If you want to change your life, be more successful in your business, your health or your relationship, why not shift your perspective? Pretend you already are in the experience you want. Everyday, take time to rest, get quiet, reflect, and dream.This or something better.

Your creative genius is spinning the universe on your behalf in every moment of every day. Tap into the hundreds of ideas and solutions to help you handle any situation you encounter.

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