The Discipline Hound

Discipline gets a bad rap, because most of us learned about it in the education system. “in order to get your homework done, or study for a test, or…it takes DISCIPLINE!” (add a mouth frothing visual, and a ruler that raps your knuckles. Ouch!)

But discipline, my friend Pete Cohen reminded me this morning, comes from the word disciple which means a follower or student of a teacher, leader, or philosopher. In yours and my case, we want to be a disciple of our goals.

When I am the disciple of an idea or goal, I explore it from one end of the earth to the other. I determine who knows the most about it, and then I create my own test, audit or hack to see if I can identify why it interests me, if it works, and if I should share it. When I discipline myself, I am able to enter the portal of ideas and in there I can mash and trash, find opportunities and solutions.

Discipline is not to be feared, it’s not chasing you! In fact, discipline is a hound dog that sits beside you, licks your face, and wags its tail when you check something off your to-do list.

I watched a TED talk on procrastination recently, and one thing I noted was that Tim Urban (the speaker) had been very disciplined about his talk. He didn’t falter for a second, he was totally passionate and extremely prepared, despite having not gotten down to the hard work of writing until just weeks before the talk – a talk that’s gotten that procrastinator over a million views. Discipline works in your favor, even when it comes late :)

Discipline, when viewed from the perspective that you are a disciple of yourself, indicates that you believe enough in your ideas, your projects, your tasks and your life, that you are willing to invest your time there –  in you, in #creativegeniusYOU.  So have no fear of discipline, it is an entryway to expanding your own innate brilliance and it will lead you to find better ways to bring your amazing ideas to the world.


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