The Dream Inside Your Closet

What’s cooking deep inside your Creative Genius Thinktankarama?

I have been noticing this phenomena when talking to people recently. Someone might be talking about what they are currently doing, their work or their career, and their secret dream suddenly pops out. It starts with them saying something like, “But what I really want to do…” and then they passionately start describing an idea and they paint this beautiful picture.

How many of you have a secret dream hiding in your closet? An idea you have been keeping safe inside.

You may not know what this idea will be in its fully formed state, but if you have that big dream inside of you that is percolating, DO something with it. Yes, you have to make money to feed yourself and your family, but that dream is waiting for YOU to manifest it.

In a talk she gave, Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love) shared that ideas are real things looking for (she didn’t say this but I will) their birth mother. She believes that if you don’t write the story when it comes to you, it will find someone else to do it.

So go do your dream. Bring it out of the closet and do it. Even if it morphs into something else. You are getting the idea because it is waiting to teach you more about yourself.

Do it. Just do it.

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