The Genius Equation

You + Passion + Service = Genius

I was illustrating for 3 speakers this week as part of the TAACCCT conference and they were so INTO their thing. Each shared their wisdom in stories that were interesting, that enticed the audience to stretch and grow, test and explore.

While all of them were passionate about what they were sharing with the room, one of them fully embodied the Genius Equation: You + Passion + Service.

Wes Moore, didn’t attempt to wow the crowd, or win us over with an intellectual compendium of business facts and superslickslidedecks.

Instead, he humbly spoke directly to us, and shared his personal story. When a man who shared his name, Wes Moore, shot someone in his hometown during his getaway robbery and was convicted to serve a life-term in prison, the speaker Wes Moore, went to visit him.

Why? He wondered, how did someone with the same name, from the same city, with a similar upbringing, end up here? What was the difference or similarity between who that incarcerated man was and himself? Both had grown up in the same decaying city, were raised by single mothers, both had been in trouble and been arrested as juveniles.

Then he shared the differences he discovered – how the tough love from his mother and mentors, the disciplinary school and subsequent military service, instilled in him the ability to make different choices and to create a life of success. He was a beautiful, radiant example of the Genius Equation: You + Passion + Service.

Wondering how to reveal and celebrate the Creative Genius you?

•Value and ignite your passion •Fuel it by doing what you love •Find your way to serve all life

Lead others to find their passion. Share, show, teach, tell others how beautiful they are everyday in every way. You make a difference!

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