The Power of Alternative Currency

Last weekend we had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Gary Hirsch of On Your Feet and BotJoy. If you’ve watched the interview (Above) you already know that Gary is an amazing individual with some fantastic talents. What you mightn’t know is that Gary also has a pretty awesome perspective when it comes to currency.

Being paid is great, everybody likes to be paid, but is money the only currency we have? What does currency mean anyway? It’s defined as “something that is used as money” suggesting we can be a little open in our evaluation of what is acceptable currency.

An open evaluation is exactly what Gary Hirsch has. On his website,, Hirsch and his partner explain that the work they do can be done in exchange for any number of currencies from new experiences, to outrageous travel opportunites, to new relationships, and even shoes. Awesome, right?

What better definition of “Rich” than to have enough money and plenty of great relationships and experiences? (And shoes, don’t forget the shoes!)

Alternative currencies are everywhere

When you think about it, we all accept alternative forms of currency throughout our lives, we just don’t think about it consciously. Have you ever helped a friend move? Or given them some free professional advice? In exchange for it you might have received some pizza, a beer, or just a deeper connection.

What really makes this exciting is when you begin to consciously think about these alternative currencies. Suddenly, all those small things you do every day reveal immense value, and that often leads to a sense of gratitude which, as we all know by now, is a leading cause of good things.

So the next time somebody asks you to do something for free, consider whether or not it’s truly free or if some other awesome, alternative form of currency is involved.

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