The Secret Sauce of Success

Wondering what your next move is? Where your next career path is lurking or how to step up some aspect of your life? Tune in to this study: Ohio State University researchers have been exploring a concept called “upward self-revision” of our “possible selves.”

Sound intriguing? uh yah! The study explored key contributors to student success.  Researchers focused on how painting a positive picture of a future career path would influence the student’s confidence and eventual success in achieving it. Translated into action it means when you help someone picture a future possible self, they are more likely to believe it could be reality and begin working to achieve it.

The Secret Sauce for Success

One of the reasons I love speaking to coaching groups is that they are able to immediately embed the vision to reality drawing process into their work.  What better way to help someone step up their game then to draw them a picture of the future state they desire with them in it!  Watch them step through obstacles with that added boost of the picture and their belief that it is possible.  That it is evolving right now. Goal setting with a powerful positive intent.

Lead a staff?  Have children?  Have friends?  Those few encouraging words that you say to them can go a long way.

Do someone thing great for someone around you today.

Paint a picture of the their future self and seal it with something positive, it’s the secret sauce to success.

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