The Space to Believe

Each of us has our own set of beliefs about the world; why we exist, what makes up a good breakfast, what’s the correct way to greet a stranger or say hello to a dog you don’t know yet.

The great news is that there is plenty of room to form (and test) your own beliefs.You can try a belief on for a day or a lifetime to see if it fits you. The place we get into trouble is when we try to force our beliefs onto other people. Sharing your beliefs is one thing, trying to make people believe what you do is another.

This week revisit some beliefs that you have formed – beliefs about yourself, about your family, your loved ones, your co-workers or team.

What do you think about them? How are they working for you?

Shaking up your own beliefs is difficult. The basal ganglia likes the routine of patterns and when you disrupt that, YIKES, it shoots a little alarm into your system.

Yet beliefs can change over time, so making space to revisit the beliefs you hold about yourself will help you shift into the new you that is evolving in this moment.

You are an evolutionary being, so when things start to feel stagnant, rather than telling yourself the story that it’s time to “buckle down” and stick with whatever you think you’re supposed to do, try something new.

Try uncoupling yourself from the Should of your dilemma and take a walk with your What if? self. The What if? self utilizes your imagination to formulate new theories, or experiment with new parts of you and new beliefs. Listen to the subtle nuanced ideas the What If? self serves up.

Try on some new beliefs about yourself – like maybe you are perfect just the way you are. Or how about the belief that everything will be okay, no matter which way it turns out.

Beliefs shape our world and what you believe is entirely up to you.


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