The Universe is Your Universe

Guest post by Emer Kelly

We’ve all been there. Maybe you wake up in the morning with a thumping headache, spill your coffee on your brand new shirt, get stuck in nasty traffic, get your scarf caught in the revolving door, then finally get to that meeting, fumble it, and lose face. Damn you, Universe!

Or maybe you wake up feeling great, look super sexy in that new shirt, make all the lights on the way in, and have a slew of people holding doors for you on the way through the building. You get to that meeting and you crush it – Thank you, Universe!

Sometimes things work out, and sometimes they don’t – we can’t control that. The Universe isn’t controlling that. It’s not out to get us, or there to smooth our path. It’s something we constructed to help us through the day, and it can help a lot…so long as we don’t expect it to take care of things for us. Because it won’t.

The Universe only works if you put in what you expect to get out. If you constantly curse it, it’s not going to be much help to you. If you place 100% of your trust in it, set your goals, and expect it to make them come to fruition, it won’t be much help to you either.

The way I think of the Universe, is like a mirror. It reflects my strengths back to me, so I can see them when I’ve forgotten where I left them. But it also reflects back everything I throw at it. If I chuck all the events of a bad morning at it, they glare down upon me. If I shower if with gratitude, it warms my heart. My Universe is what I make it.

So what does all this have to do with spilling coffee on/looking sexy in that nice shirt? The idea that The Universe is responsible for anything sets up some pretty dangerous thought patterns. It allows us to shed responsibility for our failures–and miss that learning opportunity–and to not take credit for our successes–and miss celebrating creative genius YOU!

We can’t control what happens to us, but we can control how we react. If it’s a bad morning, let your Universe remind you of your strengths, so you can go forth, standing tall. If it’s a great morning, entrust your Universe with your gratitude, so it can keep you cosy all day long. Use it as a tool to help you navigate the insanity of life. Entrust it with your goals, so it can remind you that they exist and motivate you to move forward with them. And every now and then, turn it around so it can reflect your love on somebody who needs it.


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