There are Lessons to be Learned

From those of you who speak out, I learn to be brave.

From those of you who give back to the world, I learn service.

From those of you who work to be fully present, I learn to listen.

From those of you who stand up for the underdog, I learn to look out for others.

From those of you who are love in the world, I learn how to give and receive it.

Whoa! What a week!  When we watch/listen/read the media, we become well aware of the swirl we are in during this unprecedented period of time. It’s fascinating to see so much of the underbelly of humanity, but important to be aware that not all people are like this. You and I are surrounded by people doing amazing things in every moment. Where you put your focus and attention predicts what you will see and experience.

David Rock, one of my favorite leaders in the understanding of neuroscience and human behavior in the workplace, developed the SCARF model to help us understand how to improve our ability to collaborate in our social interactions.

S – Status is about relative importance to others. C- Certainty concerns being able to predict the future. A- Autonomy provides a sense of control over events. R-Relatedness is a sense of safety with others, of friend rather than foe. F-Fairness is a perception of fair exchanges between people.

Rock writes;

“These five domains activate either the ‘primary reward’ or ‘primary threat’ circuitry (and associated networks) of the brain. For example, a perceived threat to one’s status activates similar brain networks to a threat to one’s life. In the same way, a perceived increase in fairness activates the same reward circuitry as receiving a monetary reward.“  

You can see why some people are overwhelmed in light of what is going on around us.

Why should you care about what is happening in your brain?  Well, if we watch too much news, our level of fear goes way up. While we need to be alert, we can’t let fear run the show. Left to their own devices, our thoughts can impact how we live, how much stress we feel, and ultimately impact our health and wellbeing. I highly recommend reading this very basic article on the SCARF model that Rock and his team wrote back in 2008.  It will help you better understand the brain’s response mechanisms, and how to work with yourself and those around you during this time of stress.

We need to remain alert and awake and we need to take care of ourselves and remember why we are here. If we can’t do that, then we’re in no shape to fight for what we believe in.

This week keep your focus on the good that those around you are doing. Learn from them. Appreciate them. Keep connected to the best #creativegeniusYOU in yourself and others.

P.S. A friend of mine recently launched and AWESOME website, Every Second : Love, that aims to prove that despite everything else that’s going on, Love happens EVERY SECOND.


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