This Holiday Make it a GiveLoveCation

Okay I admit, we went on vacation. Whenever I go on vacation and I realize some of you are back at work, I feel a twinge of guilt until I remember that you were on vacation when I was working last year. I wonder what would happen if we all went on vacation at the same time, like for a full week? 

We’d call it a GiveLovecation. You’d listen to your partner, spouse or kid just because you loved them. AND you’d finally listen without giving advice.

You’d hold the door. Or you’d randomly pick up trash because you loved your neighborhood so much. You’d cook dinner for someone single, with or without kids. Afterwards, you’d play video games with them and let them beat you. You’d make sure everyone had enough food and if they didn’t, you’d feed them. You’d wash your teenage neighbor’s car – just because. You’d let your dog lick the plates (just this once – ewwwww!) then you’d walk them as far as they wanted to walk – off leash.

We are coming up on that big holidaze of stuff. This year in addition to, or instead of,giving things, if you and your family already have enough stuff, why not start your own GiveLoveCation. Give love to each other – really give love without the… “See, I listen to you sometimes…”  Give love to your neighbors and your friends. Give love to those who you suspect might really need a little extra love. You and I both know that most people don’t need that tacky, smelly candle, they just rather be loved.

Go love ‘em up. Thank you all for everything you are doing in the world to make it a better place. I. LOVE. YOU.

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