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You are amazing. We are only 4 weeks into this pandemic in the US, but it really looks like it’s going to go on for a good, long while. How do you keep yourself amazed, open, curious during a strange and somewhat scary time?

My last five day challenge was about blasting through your fear. What we know is that fear is ever present, so blasting through means feeling that fear, acknowledging that fear, and then shifting your attention to doing something positive. When you do something positive you align yourself with serving at the highest level.

Since our world has dramatically changed, have you noticed that the earth’s vibration has slowed down? Or that wild animals are moving and exploring in their natural habitat without the impediment of humans?

This is a lesson for us, it’s a reflection of a new time and we can raise our level of respect and understanding when we use this disruption as an opportunity. Now is the perfect time to step into a deeper understanding of what it means to you to share your strengths, share your talents with others. But how? And why? And where?

This past year I forged a relationship with The DeBruce Foundation in Kansas City because I wanted to expand what I was doing with Draw Your Future to students to help them think about their future with fresh eyes. Not by focusing on a career path but knowing that they could step into their dreams.

If you look at our world, our “career paths” have been very disrupted. The DeBruce Foundation created an Agilities Work Profiler that you and anyone you know can take online at It’s completely free. And it has a whole back end to help you think about different things you could do.

If you know someone who has lost their job or a student who is floundering and needs a boost, send them to their site. Your Agilities help you to pivot and shift. Now is a critical time to pull out your resiliency tools to help you pivot and shift with ease.

Here are a few things to help you think about any pivot you might need to make at this time…

Are you living your purpose?

Does what you do align with what you value? Even if you are a food deliverer, if your top Agility might very well be serving and caring, and you are aligning your Agility with your work. Because there are those willing to risk bringing us food or caring for our families, they are our everyday heroes right now. How can you align your strengths to serve someone, even in a small way?

Are you bringing your true self to whatever you are doing?

When I first started in business I thought I had to wear a 3 piece suit – you know skirt, heels, hose, the whole nine yards. Can you imagine me in that outfit? LOL! I wore that skirt once and that session with clients was a huge fail.


Because I was totally not myself in that skirt, I gave it away to a friend. Right then and there I vowed to bring myself whenever and wherever I was. See how you can bring more of your true self to everything you do, especially in the new normal online environment.

Are you serving at the highest level?

When you think about what’s going on across the globe, there are opportunities every day to serve others, just by reaching out or telling someone you love them, or that you believe in them. Now is the time to step that up a level. Revisit your game plan for your business or your expression of yourself in your community.

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Rise up to what you were meant to do on the planet.

If you don’t know if you are aligned with that, then go somewhere you can be alone, take a pen and paper and write that question or a question of your own on a piece of paper, close your eyes and ask for guidance from your biggest, boldest self.

“What would you have me do, if I were to serve at the highest level?” Then whatever you get, write it down and go do it.

You are meant to bring your best self to all you do. Find your niche in the sea of the pandemic and bring it on. I believe in you and you have our fantastic Creative Genius tribe behind you. Give love and share love, and stay focused on what matters. We can do this together!

If you want to revisit what you are doing and see if you are on purpose, join me on April 11th for my 3 hour online class. Even if you do not have a business, all of the principles, tips, information I will share can be applied to any part of your life. And it will help you to bring your Creative Genius to everything you do.

Big love, be safe, hand wash!



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