Tips for the travel weary

Do you ever find yourself thinking, isn’t it time for everyone to go back to school now?

Summer is a travel heavy time and this kind of thinking is a sure sign you are travel weary. It’s busy and you’ve seen lots of different cities and all kinds of people and uh, unique smells.

Why not refresh your traveling protocols?

Here’s some simple tips to help you retain your composure and creative genius while on the road…

  1. Be patient Yep that lady just cut you off. Great opportunity to smile, send love, you know be a good person, that good person you are.

  2. Bring your lunch Yes travel is a good excuse to eat crappy. But you don’t actually feel great after you eat crappy day after day. And I find intermittent fasting while I am traveling just makes me HANGRY. Since I started being Bulletproof, I bring as many of my own coffee, butter, and favorite foods that I can cram in my backpack.

  3. Download a good book or buy a hard copy and actually read it. I prefer the 2 books option – 1 trash novel for the end of a facilitation day, one good read – that teaches me something new, it might be a business book, a graphic novel, or spiritual book that I can use to get my inner wiring re-firing.

  4. When your flight is late, meet the person right next to you People are fascinating and many of them are just waiting to tell their story. Just start a casual conversation. If they seem stiff, back off, the “right” person will eventually appear. You’ll know them. They are open and friendly. Listen to them. Friend them in person.

  5. Be Nice. My flight was delayed and it was a late flight to begin with . By the time I got to the rental car place, my car was gone. It took them awhile to find me a new one, I needed one where the back seat could fold down so I could put my foam core in it, that I sometimes use to draw on. I got impatient at one point and said, “Just please find me one, anything I don’t care.” The woman next to the person behind the counter said, “We are just trying to help you.” Eeek. I apologized and took her card and wrote her manager a note about how gracious she was under pressure. PS She also gave me a discount.

Yep it’s the end of summer and most people are trying to cram in one last big adventure. Lot’s of opportunities to step into your bigger self. You know, that kind one. A participant in one of my sessions said she’d made “Love is All” her new mantra. I’m adding that to my travel toolkit.

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