Try Something New With Your Mind

Okay I confess, I’m a junkie for new ideas.  I love trying new things especially when they make me feel slightly uncomfortable.  I get pure joy out of stretching myself beyond what I think is possible and what I believe I know to be the “truth”.  I often read GoodVibeBlog because the author, Jeanette Maw, GoodVibeCoach, has some fantastic ideas that usually stretch my thinking.  They also marry perfectly with visual goal setting or what Byron at Bikehugger calls my “visualizer.”  

This edition of Jeanette’s blog was about how to use the money mantra to bring more of what you want your way.  “Hmmm, money mantra, everyone needs a little abundance”, I thought and so I tri


What followed was a rather hellacious week of work which took me from Seattle to DC to LA to Denver then LA again and then home in a span of 7 days of solid facilitation or graphic capture.  I didn’t have time to think about anything except sleep, food, and exercise because this time of year I am obsessed with my cycling training.  But when Friday rolled around, I had somehow landed a total of seven new consulting projects.  Two were with brand new clients and the others were referrals from the work I had done or collaborators who needed my help.  “Wow”, I thought at the end of this, “Where did that come from?”  Then I remembered the money mantra.  Now those of you who live in the world of rational thinking might pooh pooh this money chant thing, but here’s what I say to that part of myself…get your mind out of the way!  In this economy, everyone needs more abundance!

The second unique thing I tried was a free session with Penelope Bell called “mind clearing”.  She has been using our Snapshot of the Big Picture template in her workshops and I wanted to have a better understanding of what she did with her clients.  There I am in her office get

ting a little mind clearing done, which felt a lot like giving the sink a good scrubbing, except it was with your mind. By using a series of repeated phrases, mind clearing actually unearths the truth about something that has been buried under the beliefs your mind has been forming over the years.  What was particularly noticeable was how free I felt after my session with her.  It was like Mr. Clean had been in the house.

Whether you are a new thing junkie or not, I don’t need to remind you, (but I will), that your mind is a powerful thing.  It can draw things to you or keep them at bay all based on what you think.  Whether you know it or not, your mind is reformatting itself every nanosecond you exist.  Trying new things helps you dislodge old beliefs and create break-through experiences that reformat your brain.  So go on, try something new,  what have you got to lose?  It’s only your mind!

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