Tuning the Station to Stillness

Life is about falling down and getting back up again. Just when you think you have it all together, something happens to derail you. You miss an important client call, or you accidentally forget to pay a bill.  Suddenly in a swirl of activity, your world gets turned upside down.

It’s at that moment that you have a choice: Panic or heightened listening.

I have erred on the side of panic so many times it’s beyond embarrassing. When panic hits we do things we shouldn’t. We overeat or overspend. We call our friends and wear their ears out with the ranting and railing.  Exhausted we finally throw ourselves down and then, in our un-ego filled state, we can actually listen.

The interesting thing is that help generally can come a lot sooner if, when the world turns topsy-turvy, we choose to tune in and calm down. It’s not the first thing that comes to mind when you feel stressed out and overwrought by your phone or your email or your schedule or your life. However, with practice you can make it your default choice and the most awesome option to choose.

This week, try it. When you start to feel your adrenaline rising because of x,y or z, take a deep breath. Close your eyes (unless you are driving) and take another deep breath. Then quietly ask, what is the best thing for me to do right now?

Now here’s the key. You have to keep your inner chatter quiet and let the stillness overtake you. You want to listen, really listen beyond your ego’s rant, beyond the suck of desire for things, beyond the edge of panic. Listen to that deep inner calling, that wave of simple stillness.  And imagine riding in on that wave is the answer to your question, to your dilemma, to your panic.

Let it wash right over you and into you and through you. You don’t need to have “heard” something. You can just let the stillness deepen you, expand into you, soothe you. Stay with that stillness as long as you can. Then open your eyes, keep going on with your day, but add to it the knowingness that this issue you are panicking about it will be and is being handled. Because it is and it will be.

Until next time, big love to you Creative Genius.

Tuning to the Station of Stillness

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