Unplug YOU

There are dozens of articles and blog posts on the importance of getting unplugged. People who have cut off their cable or downsized their internet or tracked and minimised their phone usage.

How can you unplug in the midst of all the wizardry of our techno-utopian planet? By finding some quiet. And it doesn’t require going anywhere but in.

How to unplug you

First, close your eyes, take a walk, or find a private spot. Then take a few deep breaths and turn your attention to listen to whatever sounds you hear around you – without judgment. That guy typing so loud. The birds outside. The kids playing in the other room. Your own breath going in and out. Just notice.

And in that observation of what is, ask yourself a question that matters, like “If love were a being, what would love have me do right now?” “If my best self had one wish for me, what would it be?” or “What things in my world make me happy?” Ask any question that takes you a notch deeper into understanding you and your connection to all of life and raises your CQ (consciousness quotient).

Then listen to what you hear. Maybe you’ll get an answer, maybe a feeling, maybe you’ll get nothing that you can register. Whatever you hear, sense, feel, taste, be curious. Breathe it in and then breathe out gratitude.

Now taking that unplugged moment with you, reenter your outer world. Open your eyes, get a drink of water, make a note, take a call.

Whether you call it unplugging or plugging in, what matters is that whatever you do, you remember that you are in this world but not of it. Take time to remind yourself and connect to what truly matters, your best you.


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