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After 10 years of working with my fantastic partners, Chris Chopyak and Lois Todd in our company Alchemy: The Art of Transforming Business, I have decided to do something different.

I have turned over the reins for Alchemy to them and launched a new venture, Up your Creative Genius.

What most of you have been asking me is “How can I be more creative in my life, with my teams and in my company? How can I do that?”

Up your Creative Genius is my answer.  Since I’m all about sending links or tips on how you can get what you want, here’s a few to start you thinking about how you can Up your Creative Genius today:

1. Pay attention to what parts of your world are in a state of status quo and when (and why) you choose to let them remain there. 2. Step out of your comfort zone every single day. 3. Push yourself beyond what feels easy to do. (If you are a runner, sprint 3x in your workouts. If you are in IT, learn to paint. If you are a creative, balance your checkbook.) 4. Play as much as you can – if you need to use your kids as an excuse, play games, sports, and silly childish games that make you laugh with them often. 5. Draw your ideas on a whiteboard or napkin or on the back of your hand.

And when you find yourself getting stuck, give a call. Up your Creative Genius has tons of ideas for how you can accelerate what you are doing right now to take it up a notch into the stratosphere of your choosing.

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