Watch Your Mouth

You’re talking about a pattern you’ve been stuck in. You’re using phrases like, “I just don’t fit in here” or “I’m never going to lose weight.” Yep you are right. As long as you keep programming your brain in those beliefs, then so it is.

Words have power. They influence feelings and route your neural networks into patterns that become your reality.

Maybe you feel like you don’t fit in, but is “fitting in” a good thing? Perhaps the point is you need to stand out. Standing out is a powerful differentiator and gives you perspective and often authority as an “outsider.” Standing tall builds your self-confidence, and makes you a role model for others.

About that weight thing? I break this rule all the time by talking about my butt being so big. But my big behind aligns me with a lot of powerful cyclists, dancers, and some of the most awesome and amazing women (and men) I know. When I start to run that old record, I just break out a J-Lo song.

This week pay attention to what you are saying to yourself and the words you are using to describe what you are experiencing. Reframe negative comments immediately. Speak about the future you are creating and help your consciousness to let go of the little self and all it’s petty worries to step into the creativegeniusYOU.

You are awesome. Say it!


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