Weather the Storm

We have some real weather now, don’t we? In so many ways this is a time of storms.

When storms like these hit, each of us has our own unique coping mechanisms that we like to deploy. Some of us like to stay in bed watching the lightning from safety and then pull the covers over our head when it gets too scary.  Others of us want to make a fire and serve up hot cocoa to anyone nearby.  Some like to pull on a raincoat and go out into the eye of the storm to see what’s shaking in the hood or experience the adventure of its wildness.  Whatever your preference, it’s all a choice, that is what life is about here in the physical world.

I was on a plane yesterday and the wings shook so hard from the turbulence I thought they might fly off. My imagination started to get the best of me, before I grabbed hold and rerouted it to a safe landing spot. The wings of course, stayed on and we landed safely, despite the wet and wild that was whipping around us.

We don’t always grab hold of our fears and imagination so quickly or with such intention, because it takes practice to override the years of auto-responding. But it’s good to practice with the small stuff, so when the really big storms hit, you can reel yourself back from the cliff’s edge of imagined disasters.

How do we do this practice? By becoming aware of what we are actually doing or saying in there. A woman shared a technique she used to get a grip on her inner dialoguing. She had a pad of paper in her pocket and wrote down everything she was thinking. She said the paper scared the holy %$#%* out of her.

Sometimes you are the calm in the storm, other times you are the storm, without even knowing it. Why not get out that pad of paper and be curious about what you are saying to yourself?

Then for a minute, imagine that this might be the very last time you get to savor the moment – any moment, whether it’s a tussle over who owns the remote, or it’s a conversation with your kid about something important to you or to them. You can chatter away in your head, you can distract yourself with your phone, but what if this moment is the moment that matters?

What if this is the conversation that matters? What if it’s the eye lock with someone having a hard day that will make that difference? Why not accept the opportunity to say or do something to make someone or you laugh out loud, to stay attentive even when you want to look away, to give and get connection.

You and I, we are here to gain experience, some experiences not so fun, others super awesome. By opening ourselves up, and practicing attentiveness, we can be an umbrella in the storm.


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