What makes for happiness?

I’m always on the lookout for interesting studies about happiness. Mainly because I believe if we promote happiness as a way of life, then inevitably we will come to understand how attitude affects everything. Trust me, I’m no Pollyanna, I just think, hey if I am here on the planet, A. there must be a reason for it, and B. It’s much more fun to enjoy it.  I prefer happiness, mainly because whining really never seems to ever get me into a state of happiness. So I’m always looking for that secret handshake (back to A) to help me get back to B, happiness.

5 Things that help raise your happiness quotient:

1. Making your bed.

In a study of 68,000 people it was found that 59% of people don’t make their beds. 27% do, while a privileged 12% pay a housekeeper to make it for them. Here’s what makes me curious: 71% of bed makers consider themselves happy; while 62% of non-bed-makers admit to being unhappy.

 2. Keeping a gratitude journal.

Volunteers who kept weekly journals about what they were grateful for, reported feeling more optimistic and more satisfied with their lives than those who wrote about their challenges. They also reported fewer physical symptoms of discomfort, from runny noses to headaches, and exercised more. Hmmm. I better get that journal out!

look for the good

3. Heading for a park or beach.

Feeling stressed out? Head for a forest. One study had a group of students go out into the woods for two nights while another group stayed in the city.  The ones with their heads in the trees had lower levels of cortisol — a hormone often seen as a marker for stress.

4.  Getting one more hour of sleep.

While there is ongoing debate about what the optimum number of hours of sleep should be, The University of Surrey’s Sleep Research Centre found that just one more hour of sleep can make people happier and healthier.

5.  Smelling a flower.

A study conducted by Jeannette Haviland-Jones of Rutgers University in New Jersey found that those in a floral scented room used three times as many happiness-related words when they were asked to write about three life events, than those in a room filled with classic fragrances such as Chanel No. 5, Johnson & Johnson baby powder or non-scented air.

There are so many others; hugging people, meditating, petting a dog, smiling, exercising, creating. What ways can you find to bring more happiness into your Creative Genius world?  Send us a picture of you doing your happiest thing so we can share it with others!


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