What New Skills Will the Pandemic Request?

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Hello Creative Geniuses!

I was on the phone with my friend Patricia and we were discussing how tough it is for those of you who are new to working online. Online requires more of you in oh so many ways. You have to do a little more to show up in a big and bold way – so you can match the way that you are live with the way you are in person.

While we were talking about it, I secretly created a tip sheet for you to help you with your newly minted online presentations.

Here is my online videos and presentations tip sheet:

1. Be well lit! Either get a few soft box lights or a simple 1 light system. No one likes looking at the darkened you.

2. Put on your best face. Yep shirt, hair, your look. You want to be yourself but consider adding some makeup - that goes for anyone! Because that camera lens can and will show every little thing. ;-)

3. Practice with your material - this is not the time to “wing it”

4. Understand the technology whether you are using zoom, fb live, google hangouts or linked in live, switching from ppt to live can be tricky. Even if you have a helper, practice with the technology.

5. Look at the camera, not yourself. It’s “up there” not right in front of you. Practice looking directly into the camera lens so people on the receiving end feel really “seen” by you.

6. Trust your instincts, be confident, be animated and remember - you got this!

I also created a checklist for you to download so you can go through the checklist any time you need to shoot a video or presentation.

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You were meant to do this - use your Creative Genius to bring online awesomeness!

Be well, stay safe, wash your hands and remember the world loves you already! Bring it on!



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