What Summer Vacation is About

In Seattle our summer officially arrived last weekend.  That’s a little late for us here in the Pacific Northwet but nonetheless we are grateful.  This weekend hosted two of those perfect summer days, mid-80’s and then low 60’s at night.  The sun was bright and hot, the wispy clouds were few and far between.   Most of America has already gotten their fill of heat, here in the NW we are just drying out.  This lovely weekend made me remember what summer was all about…relaxing.

Today, we slept in until 7:00, cooked up a high protein breakfast of fresh eggs from our chickens, power walked the dogs around the block, then high tailed it on down to the neighborhood farmers market.  There we bumped into, and visited for 5 minutes with, good friends, rushed back home to slam down tuna sandwiches, hopped on our scooters to fly down and rent stand up paddle boards for 1 hour – one of us fell in the water, that counts as our first “swim” this summer.  Back home we power weeded the garden, roasted coffee in our home roaster, barbequed the fish and beef we’d picked at the farmer’s market, called our friends during dinner to tell them we missed them, watched the chickens eat the leftover salmon skin, walked the dogs up to the park to watch the sunset while eating ice cream cones.

That’s what I call a real summer day!  I’ll be glad when the rain comes back and I can read a bad mystery novel curled in a chair without FOMO – fear of missing out.

Happy summer!

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